Bred with care, Raised with love, Shown with pride

Maltese only
De perro cortes

We only breed with health tested and selective sorted out combinations.

Our goal is to breed puppies that are healthy, beautiful and well socialized !

All of my puppies are raised with a lot of love, care and attention in our own home !


I bought a Rottweiler in 1991 at Lydie Huybrechts, breeder "Van het Dornedal" in Limburg. My puppy named Silvie but she sometimes had troubles with obedience, so: I did a obedience course for dogs. This was a serious experience for me. I was so interested in this course that I became candidate for an instructor's course obedience at the Saint-Hubert kennel club. After one year of stage and 2 tests I became an official obedience instructor. I gave lessons twice a week and doing that I learned a lot. In the meanwhile I got fascinated by IPO, working programs, bite work and after a few tests I and my dog started with this course. It was really tough and after a few struggles wo got our IPO1 certificate after two years of training. I stayed official instructor obedience for two years.



As a student I studied Hotel School - Languages and so a life in horeca followed. Our family business, restaurant "Epsilon" did really well and was very famous. After I work with my mother, sister, niece, cousin and many fine people for 16 years, I wanted to give my life a new direction. I chose for a "dogs live". Between 1995 and 1998 I did a course of dog trimming and I started my own dog trimming parlour in De Pinte. I bought my first Maltese female "Xantippe" and a little while later "Xelianne" accompanied her.


Katrien Cazaerck

This two dogs formed the base of the "De Perro Cortes" success. I want to thank Stefano Paolantoni and the Mr's. Vanaken-Heinesche for this. They all supported me with the difficult start of my kennel: maintenance, showing and breeding of these fantastic dogs. If a beginning breeder contacts me with questions, I won't hesitate to help him. A Maltese needs a lot of care: as a show dog and as a pet dog.


Enjoy your stay at our site and don't hestitate to contact me for more information.



Buying a puppy from us...what can you expect ?...

* A healthy pup with the correct colour, coat structure, size and build...
...a beautiful appearance and a very sweet and affectionate nature.

* The puppy's identification card and the K.M.S.H. microchip number.

* The puppy's vaccination booklet.

* St. Hubert pedigree at the age of 8 months.

* A sales contract with 1 year warranty.

* An information map concerning the care and education of your puppy.



 Katrien Cazaerck


Hundelgemsesteenweg 1266,  Merelbeke B-9820,  België


Gediplomeerd gehoorzaamheidsinstructeur  KMSH 1997 (sectie 4B)  *  Gediplomeerd hondentrimmer cursusjaar 1998-1999

Erkend fokker KMSH 159097  *   Erkend fokker Ministerie HK 12404699  *  Lid Showtraining Canteclaer

Lid Belgische Bichon Club  *  Lid Nederlandse Maltezervereniging

Bedankt voor uw bezoek ! Groetjes Katrien